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As a Speaker, Leader, Therapist, Author and Teacher she has been supporting thousands of people worldwide for two decades. About Nicola Amadora and her Services

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What people say:

Nicola has an amazing gift with people from all walks of life, her understanding of humanity and the spiritual is profound. She takes you home and inspires … read more
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Free EBook

Poetry Book

Poetry Book

“One drop of love can cure a lifetime of pain, one touch can uplift, one act can benefit all of life, one kiss may awaken us from the slumber of ignorance and one moment of love is eternity taking us home.” ~ (From Kissed by Fire, Nicola’s forthcoming book.)

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Have you ever dreamt of something that seemed impossible and then it not only came true, but surpassed far of what you could ever imagine? Such was my love story with a wild Bottlenose dolphin. I was 25 years old … [Read More ]

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Growing: Wise Leaders. Healthy Relationships. Empowered Women. Ecological & Social Action. Awake and Loving People. Cultivating: Presence & Awareness. An Open Heart. Compassion. Mindfulness. Emotional Intelligence. Body Sense. Alignment with Source. Nature Connection. Social Learning, Communication and Conflict Resolution. Relating and Leadership Skills. Being alive, real and connected. Living in Love with all of Life. You want that? Go to Services

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