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Hakomi is a gentle, non-judgemental way of working with people, which integrates body, mind, emotion and spirit. It is a relational, experiential and mindfulness based approach, where lasting changes emerge organically. In a safe environment I support individuals, couples and parents to discover who they are, to heal at the core, to live authentically and learn skills for relationships.

With 30 years of experience and extensive training in the field of healing and therapy, I work with each person differently, depending on what is needed and what is the most healthy way. I unite non dual wisdom with therapy to support people to awaken to their true nature and be able to embody that in the world. My work is based on mindfulness, direct experience, connectedness, respect and simply loving presence.

For sessions in person, via phone or skype, please contact Nicola Amadora at 1-831-469-4467. (Within the USA please call, do not email for therapy requests.) For directions to the office, see the contact page. For Nicola Amadora’s credentials please visit the Bio page. For more information about Hakomi go to www.Hakomi.orgAs a certified equine assisted learning and therapy instructor I bring horses into my work upon request.

Reviews from Real People

“I’ve been seeing Nicola weekly for about six months and she has helped me transform my life. The very first session we had together I was (uncharacteristically) an emotional mess, sobbing on her couch. I’ve never trusted anyone so quickly and completely; her compassionate nature, wisdom, and strength has given me a lot to lean into. In each session she has given me tools to work through my pain in ways that no one else has. It works and really heals! Nicola is very unique; what she teaches and how she works are completely new to me and I have experienced deep healing since working with her. Her intuition is right on. She always leads me into spaces that are necessary to work through in order to move forward. She keeps me in my body (which has been a challenge; no other therapist has done this with me). This work goes leagues beyond what “talk therapy” has been able to do in my life. She is a master at working through tough emotions and healing what is stored on the somatic (physical) level. I recommend Nicola whole-heartedly for anybody ready to heal, and wanting deep and lasting positive change in their life.” ~ Carrie Burr, Santa Cruz

“Dr. Nicola Amadora is such an insightful, compassionate, and authentic healer. She helps people to truly and safely experience their emotions, so they can learn those powerful lessons from their experiences and integrate them into their lives. Carefully and clearly, she shows us how to see the opportunities and options that await us, and she supports us to connect to our inner wisdom to determine the best way to proceed. She facilitates an organic unfolding of the process, and helps us to truly see how to align ourselves with the life we want. My experiences with her have been transformative and invaluable.” ~ Juli Mazie. Doctor

“My therapeutic experience with Nicola has been profoundly healing. Her loving and unwavering presence, open-heartedness and unconditional acceptance of everything that I was experiencing has been truly transformative. My ability to trust her completely allowed me to let go in a way I never had before, and life changed from deep within me.”~ Terri Vandeer, Santa Cruz

“Nicola’s capacity for love and compassion is truly inspiring. I am comforted instantly upon seeing her, my monkey mind is invariably silenced – giving way to the truth of my heart, at the end of every session. She is both sensitive to my needs and completely frank. She does not so much dispense advice as gently guides me back to myself and the truth that is in me all along. My relationships have deepened and grown, my sense of self has blossomed. I am so grateful for her and our work.” ~ Jen Ziegler, New York

“I have worked with Nicola both in couples and individual counseling, and find her truly stellar in both areas. Nicola creates a safe container that encourages trust, honesty, vulnerability, and transformation. She is focused, intelligent, sensitive, and compassionate. Her knowledge is extensive, and available for her to draw on when needed, but her true brilliance is demonstrated in her ability to illuminate unconscious patterns that no longer serve and help create paradigm shifts based on love, compassion, perspective, and truth. I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.” ~ Mark Schneider, Headhunter

“My sessions with Nicola have been truly ground breaking. She guided me home to myself and my life changed from the inside out. I am so grateful!” ~ Eleneor Pier, Nurse, Santa Cruz

Working with Nicola is life changing for me. She has the incredible gift of getting through suffering into the very heart & truth of a person, guiding to freedom. Like a soul ninja, she effortlessly & painlessly cuts through the “story” and teaches us how to allow our light to come shining through. The sessions with Nicola have been an exceptional gift for me that transformed my life, opened my heart and set me free. I cannot say enough what a blessing Nicola is. We are so lucky to have her and this world is brighter because of the beautiful work she does.” ~ Star Hanson, Organizer, Monterrey

“Nicola is a gifted therapist who uses an approach to healing that is laser-like in its precision and effectiveness. I came to her when I was at my lowest — feeling hopeless, I had truly given up. Nicola focused in immediately on the real issues that were causing my pain, a deep feeling of being unworthy and unloved, and unloveable, covered up by a history of bad relationships and personal experiences. Since then she’s led me, like a skilled guide, to the love and joy within me — to my true self. She has helped awaken my soul in a way I didn’t know was possible. I’ve struggled with depression for more than 25 years and I’m proud to say that I no longer take antidepressants, and for the first time in my life I look forward to whatever lies ahead of me — I’m actually excited about it! I thank her for helping me find my way back to life, to home, to myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Susan Barclay, Graphic Designer, California

“My life before Nicola was all in my head, and I was playing a game of survival with a heavy dependence on antidepressants. It was such a heavy cost, living life like that. My body was screaming for help, and I knew I was getting to a point that I could no longer raise my two little children. And that’s when Nicola came into my life, like a savior. She lovingly saw through me, and held me in a light to transform. I’ve been living without antidepressants for two years now, my body is healthy and strong, and my family is thriving. When I occasionally trip into old patterns, I don’t linger. I have the tools and the support, I feel empowered. And I am never alone. Nicola’s nurturing voice is in my head, and my heart is resting gently in her hands. I am free, strong, loved and I am forever grateful.” ~ Amber Payet, Santa Cruz, Mother of two children.

My granddaughter Alex is 11 years old. Last year her schoolmate friend died suddenly and Alex began having problems. She was daily consumed by intense fear. Her parents were frantic because Alex couldn’t sleep, had panic attacks daily, sleep walked every night, upset the whole family with her screaming and crying. They didn’t know what to do to help her. After her first visit with her therapist Nicola Amadora, Alex was able to sleep at night and stopped sleepwalking. Her panic attacks stopped entirely. Alex feared fire, had near constant visions of her house catching fire and her being trapped. After two sessions with Nicola, instead of panicking, Alex began to check whether there was any real danger when she saw smoke or a match being lit. She is able to face fire and evaluate any possible danger and she lost her intense fear of death. Alex was never the cuddly type, but after working with Nicola, she is softer, allows herself to be hugged and touched to feel safe and grounded, and is kinder at home. Her parents are amazed and delighted by the changes they see in her. After only 4 sessions, Alex is more confident, far less fearful, and happy. She wrote to Nicola: “You will never understand how much you have helped me, so so much. Thank you”. Nicola’s incredible ability to heal my granddaughter is nothing short of magic!~ Nancy Cassel, teacher and grandmother.

Nicola has a capacity for compassion that is profoundly healing.  Her way of seeing and understanding the places that are wounded help to unearth the shadow aspects that need to come forward in order to experience more freedom and lightness.  This includes our inner child that needs healing.  I couldn’t do this work alone or with other therapists.  Thank you, Nicola!~ Josclyn Bordeaux