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Empowering Women ~ Living Your Gifts in Relationships and Life

In this exquisite course you are invited to Step into grace… 

Open to your gift and bring it fully forth!

Connect deeply with your innate wisdom and trust.

Move from the old story of oppression into the true power of the feminine.

Embrace your vulnerability, your sensuality and be at ease within your own body.

Discover and live your purpose in an empowered way.

Receive support from women who are really here with you.

Deepen in the art of giving and receiving love in relationships.

Stay connected and true to yourself in the midst of relating.

Connect intimately with the Source and ride courageously the waves of change.

offer your gifts in benefit for all beings!

Spiritual Retreats for Women

In a time of great challenge in our world we need the wisdom of awakened women. The wealth that resides in the depth of our being and our connectedness with all of life can help us to be a beacon, even when all else falls apart. This retreat is also an invitation to celebrate the gift you are and to strengthen each other in shining our “wisdom light” as women in the world.


On this retreat you are invited to honor, trust, and to connect deeply with yourself and other women. The intention is to nourish what is natural, alive and wise in us and to embrace what is longing to come home. Meditation, movement, sharing, teaching offer support to open and rest into our true nature and allow it to live us more fully.


Awakening into the divine feminine means to discover our unique way as women, to find and speak our voice, to celebrate our body and sensuality, to release cultural conditioning, to uncover what is true in us and to claim our gifts. We are guided to trust, to honor and love ourselves. Meditation, ancient shakti practice, dance, song, art, writing, sharing, sacred ceremony will assist us to unfold deeper into ourselves, into connection with each other and to embody the beauty of our womanhood.

Presence and Connection with Horses and Women

This special event, offered in nature with horses and women, welcomes you to:

open your heart and experience the joy of truly connecting

experience the magic of being present

step through fear — into safety and trust

shift from old patterns into what is real and alive

heal wounds through relating with horses and women

understand the language of nature through your senses

receive reflection and acceptance from the horse

discover new ways of being and relating

learn collaboration and leadership skills

practice mindful relating skills

grow in natural self confidence and be empowered

engage from your center and authenticity

allow love to carry you and fill you with wonder!

This course can also be held for special groups. Advanced booking is necessary. Not available during the winter. Riding is optional (both advanced and beginning riders welcomed). This is a playful, natural way of learning and it is a unique life- time experience!

“The event was outstanding and pitch perfect. Nicola’s leadership and group facilitation skills are excellent. With natural grace and ease she guided a whole group of women to step into the sacred feminine in a way that was grounded, real, and empowering. She made it safe and easy for women to let go of old patterns, to open and experience the sacred, to deeply connect to themselves and with each other. Nicola Amadora embodies what she teaches, she truly works magic and creates a feast for the heart. Thank you so much for this gift!”Marci Schimoff, Author of ‘Happy for no Reason’.

“I had a transformational experience working with Nicola. I came to the women’s retreat at the end of my rope, feeling hopeless and was done with teachings or any other healing modality, because nothing would help. I left the retreat with a new sense of purpose, a willingness to keep going and be of service to the world. She gave me faith when I needed it most.” ~ Joanna Arenstein, Sebastapol

Nicola Amadora has worked extensively with women over many years. Retreats and courses are held at various locations and at different times. For updates please check the calendar or contact us.