Inviting you into presence, heart and true connection.

Igniting us to live awake, embodied and engaged to make a difference in the world!

Dr. Nicola Amadora

As a Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist and Therapist, Leader, Author and Speaker she has been supporting thousands of people internationally to live, lead and relate with presence, connection and heart in our world.

For three decades she has offered professional and transformational trainings, retreats, satsang, therapy, public talks and consultancy for organizations, communities, groups, families, couples and individuals. Nicola is known for her integrity with a fierce, tender love for all beings.




Cultivating presence, wholeheartedness, connection and practical skills to make a difference in our lives and the world ~ through the way we live, lead and relate.
Dr. Amadora offers Spiritual Retreats & Satsang, Professional Training for Leaders and Healers, Mentoring Sessions & Hakomi Therapy, and Public Speaking.

“Nicola has an amazing gift with people from all walks of life and her understanding of both humanity and the spiritual is profound.”



Upcoming Events

Soon upcoming!
~ 7th-9th Feb.2020
Transforming Lives Training
in England
~14th -15th Feb. 2020
Livine Awake in a shaken World-Satsang and Retreat
in England
~ 21st -22nd Feb. 2020
Healing between Women and Men – Satsang and Retreat
in Holland
Once again I offfer this special Pilgrimage:
~ 19th -26th Sept. 2020
Mary Magdalene Retreat
in France

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See more Events





“Nicola is a genius teacher, who walks her talk.”

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Nothing But Love
Nothing But Love
Bread & Chocolate
Bread & Chocolate
meditations for life
Meditations For Life
 From ‘Love Unleashed-
How to rise in a World on the Edge’

Nicola’s forthcoming book

“One drop of love can cure a lifetime of pain, one touch can uplift, one act can benefit all of life, one kiss may awaken us from the slumber of ignorance and one moment of love is eternity taking us home.”


Dedicated to personal, professional and global transformation.


Wise Leaders. Healthy Relationships. Empowered Women. Ecological & Social Action. Awake, Connected and Loving People in our World.


Awareness and Mindfulness. An Open Heart and Compassion. Emotional Intelligence and Resilience. Embodiment and Somatic Experiencing. Psychological Healing. Spiritual Awakening, Wisdom and Alignement. Nature Connection. Social and Relational Skills. Authentic Communication and Conflict Resolution. Conscious Leadership Abilities.


Alive, Authentic and Connected. Living in Kinship with all of Life. You want that? Go to:

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