Natural Horsemanship Training | Portugal

Date and Time:

04/18/2021 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

10/30/2021 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Event Location:

Ecosophia, Sintra

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About The Event

Mindfulness, Skills, and deeper Connection with Horses

Come and experience the magic that happens when we learn and work with the language of the horse! This unique method is built on a solid foundation and creates a deeper connection with horses and yourself. So much is possible this way and it is a lot of fun too – I ride my stallion in a halter:) Through natural horsemanship work, you can take your horse and yourself to the next level. I have seen even the most difficult horses change for the better. And it makes you happier because you feel relaxed, can handle challenges with ease, you get to enjoy your horse, riding, and yourself as well. 

These classes are for people who want to learn: 

Natural horsemanship Skills and Principles

Mindfulness & Presence Practices

Connection and Resonance with Horses


Level 1 is the basis for natural horsemanship, offered through hands-on groundwork with horses. Level 2 is with riding.

Next upcoming Training: Level 1, April 18th, 16.00 -18.30 At Ecosophia 

Reservation: I offer classes upon request for groups

Payment depends on the size of the group and length of training (minimum attendance 6 for 3 hours). Your registration reserves your seat.  If you want to join send an email:


Dr. Nicola Amadora has worked with horses for 40 years. She learned classical English, dressage and jumping, and western riding. Once she trained in Natural Horsemanship through Parelli and other Horse Whisperers in California she changed her way and never looked back. Meanwhile, she has trained many horses and has taught this method to many groups. She is a mindfulness teacher, equine and psychotherapist, and developed the connection work which strongly influences the way she teaches. She loves riding her Andalusian stallion Ganesha along the beach in Portugal.

I am looking forward to meeting you. Warmly, Nicola



“It was such a safe and sacred experience that connected us with the spirit and language of the horse and dropped me into my soul.” Sabine Clerk, Portugal

“Wow, it was an amazing experience! Spiritual, profoundly connecting, and healing. And the skills I learned are great. They work!” Elisa Bersani, Italy

“A fascinating, deep experience that brought me back home to myself and to each other. I highly recommend it.’ Priscilla, Portugal

“I learned a lot and now I can relate and work far better with horses with those sound skills. It feels magical. Really cool.” Johnathon, UK.


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