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Living true Connection


A Spiritual Retreat for Singles &  Couples
28th – 30st August 2020,  Canada


A Spiritual Retreat for Singles &  Couples to connect deeply with yourself and each other..We yearn to experience to be truly connected with ourselves, each other, and life itself. Every person wants to be seen, heard and accepted. And yet, so often we suffer. How do we turn challenges into opportunities for connection? How do we live and grow authentically in love together?

As we center more fully in presence, open our hearts and practice a new of relating, our relationships and the world will be transformed. We awaken, feel alive and intimately connected, are able to deal with fear and pain far easier and discover a fountain of joy where we least expect it. Through meditation and silence, spiritual teaching and ancient practices, resonance relating and communicating, movement and enjoyment in nature you are invited to:


– Connect deeply with yourself and each other

– Befriend your human vulnerability and heal

– Awaken and embody your luminous nature

– Restore and revive

– Open up to love and be present

– Discover a powerful, new way to relate with all of life



Join us for this profound and life-changing retreat held at the magnificent Bliss Haven Retreat center in nature. We look forward to welcoming YOU!





Nicola Amadora PhD. teaches from deep love and presence, meeting people in the heart, and unites human and divine in a simple, astonishing way. Nicola has been offering Satsang, Retreats, Trainings, and Therapy for 30 years worldwide. She works as a Transpersonal Psychologist, Hakomi Therapist, Dharma and nondual Spiritual Teacher, Leadership and Relationship Educator, Activist, Author and is the Founder of Living Connection.

When: Friday 28th, 12 pm – Sunday 30th, 4 pm.

Where: Bliss Haven Retreat Bliss Haven Retreat

Cost: 650 CAD ($530). This includes delicious vegetarian meals, snacks, 2-night double occupancy, and Retreat Guidance. (Extra fee for single room: 80 CAD). Your place is reserved with a deposit: 350 CAD.

Questions? Contact: Organizer: Miroslav Maklenov at

Coronavirus: If the event is canceled due to extended government regulations your payment is refunded in full. Otherwise, no refunds can be offered after June 1st for this special retreat.



What people say:

“This was the most powerful retreat I ever attended. Nicola’s facilitation was masterful, she held the container with such skill and love, fierceness, embodied wisdom and compassion. It was astounding for me over and over to witness, feel and participate in.” R.Paxton, Salt Lake City

“This retreat was just beautiful, full of deep connection with each other, nature, spirit, and ourselves. Nicola created a very safe container for people to let go into greater depth, and she was finely attuned to each person’s process. Through guided meditations and practices, she led the group into such deep presence and resonance. It was profound.”~Sherri Lassila, Executive Coach, California

“Thank you Nicola for leading the way on this beautiful retreat. Your approach to spirituality feels so alive and true. Infinitely vulnerable and infinitely strong at the same time. With love and gratitude, Gordon from Sweden.

It was a retreat from fear into love. A retreat from the world of consensus reality with all its fascinations and masks into the true home of the heart. From loneliness into connection, the type of connection where you know in your cells that we are one. A retreat from global overwhelm, apathy and feelings of impotence into an empowered, embodied commitment to love in action. To bring our fierce love to everything and everyone we meet. Nicola embodies the famous phrase: Love is stronger than fear. It is contagious! It has been an honor to walk beside her in nature- and the inner terrain of our true nature. Nicola carries the map in her heart and is a blessed guide.” ~ Melissa Mahar, San Jose, California

“This fantastic retreat brought me back home. I am feeling so connected, clear, and GRATEFUL! Thank you for all of your love and care. You are such a blessing in my life” ~ Amy Baldwin, Educator

“The retreat was extraordinary. It was fabulous for me and I so appreciate all that I have received. This woman has touched the hem of God. Follow her to your own exquisite and authentic self with joy and laughter all the way through into the light. She ignites and inspires greatness!”~Yamini Redwill, Author and Coach, Marin

“I deeply honor the work with Nicola. The field she created in the group and the playful exercises felt like a very safe vessel to dive deeply into truth, our feelings and meet each other honestly, lovingly and curiously. My heart opened and through curiosity, I discovered a new way, so real and alive, for relating with others. Thank you so much.” ~ Maria, Germany

“Nicola led a multifaceted retreat, where tears and laughter, grief and joy, anger and passion, separation and connection, oppression and freedom, confusion and clarity are invited to the table as honored guests to share in an exquisite meal. A dance, where each step blends into the other and forms a harmony of movement, creating the alchemy of life. A retreat that allowed distorted mirrors to shatter and which brought forth new self expression of truth, compassion and authenticity. Nicola your dedication, conviction, depth and love created this sacred space for true transformation and awakening. With love and gratitude.” ~ Catherine Chano, Canada

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