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From the comfort of your home, connect and dive in!


Especially in these times, online offerings make it so easy to bountifully benefit for your life! We have two ways for you to receive:

– ‘Any time, any day’: purchase a recorded online course, download and gain continued access to walk at your own pace.

– ‘Set time, set day’: join live meditations, retreats, training, and courses online via zoom. If you miss a session you will always receive a recording. All live online events are designed to be engaging, experiential, inspiring, and deep. It is a wonderful way to study directly with Dr. Nicola Amadora and connect with others across the world.


See upcoming live Online Events Here. Get a Taste Here. Sign up for pre-recorded courses below:

Live Online Courses Upcoming
Recorded Online Courses
Leading like a Woman
The Way of the Sacred Feminine
The Power of true Connection
Meditation 101
Recorded Teachings

60 min. Teaching/Meditation to download for lifetime use. Important Themes such as: What to trust? How to connect? And more. See all recordings here.

Voices of People who have attended online Events


“As an artist, performer, and workshop leader, I have been sharing vulnerability as strength for many years and I still am learning so much from the wisdom in this online course on DailyOM: How to lead like a Woman by Nicola Amadora. I love the embodiment ideas, especially practicing a message you want to convey, beforehand, without words, only in the body. I am learning new ways, and I am inspired by this course, which really makes a difference in my life and work.” Maggie Nicole, Performer and Workshop Leader

“I attended the online satsangs and experience Nicola’s presence as a light that literally enlightens the heart. A light that shines on All. It unveiled a love in me that I had forgotten, and it shone light on the shadow and pain that caused so many problems in my life because I couldn’t find the way to meet it wholeheartedly. She gave me with her loving presence the opportunity to meet it and I’m so grateful for that! A huge liberation, a second chance in life is what I feel now.“ Kim Roswitha, Founder of Wisdom with Horses, Spain

“I am listening to your online interview with Rick Archer …LOVE IT! You are very down to earth and inspiring. I usually don’t listen to entire interviews but I couldn’t stop with yours…so deep, inspiring, loving, authentic and refreshing. Thank you!” Pierre Richard, Canada

“There are no words beautiful enough that can describe your influence in my life. I am eternally grateful for your loving guidance. Our online spiritual group means so much to me and is very important in my life” ~ Miroslav Maklenov, Canada

“Every time I attend a retreat, teaching, group or individual session online or in-person with Nicola Amadora, I come away feeling like I got exactly what I needed- many times without even knowing what I needed when I began. Nicola has the uncanny ability and intuition to quickly get to what is going on at the core of someone and then simply, beautifully and powerfully guides through the transformation that needs to happen. She is incredibly attuned and attentive to each person’s individual needs and the needs and direction of the group as a whole. Every retreat with her, I leave having gotten even more than I had hoped for at the start. I received so many tools, experiences and ways to apply them with my clients. It is already making a difference. And I have grown so much through this training. Please give yourself the best gift- give yourself what you need- and sign up for a retreat, talk, teaching, individual session, or whatever she is offering- my heart feels so joyful knowing deep love, connectedness, and transformation you will experience! There are many spiritual teachers and helpers out there, and, quite honestly, a lot feels like B.S. to me. It is unfortunately rare to find a teacher, leader and healer who truly walks the talk and practices the teachings and wisdom that they share with others day in and day out. Nicola is one of these rare and invaluable teachers.” Kaliea Hansen, Social Worker, San Francsico

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