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Real Love

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Love just is. When lived, love becomes real through you!

As we connect with the Source of Life itself, engage in healing our human wounds, and gain skillful means, we come to know true love. And we naturally act with respect and compassion toward all creation and fully embody who we truly are.

Living from love allows us to be present, relate intimately and authentically with each other, enjoying life as it simply is. For in daring to respond from integrity and the wisdom of an open heart, to a world both troubled and beautiful, we live in genuine love.

When I asked my then 12-year old daughter, Yemaya, what it means to really love, she said: “For me, it means to be trustworthy, kind, compassionate, loyal, understanding, respectful, true to yourself, to be honest and real, to listen, not taking one’s stuff out on others but to be responsible, to live with an open heart and mind, to take good care of animals, plants and people.  It is simple, because the heart knows.”

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