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Deep Feminine Wisdom

& Empowered Leadership

She is rooted, in the dark, rich soil of earth. She is rising tender and fiercely from the hidden, forgotten, degraded, and oppressed. It is time. Her voice is roaring and whispering to all of humankind: “Awaken from your slumber! Remember my creation and cherish who I am”.

The sacred is found in her plentiful forms, the trees, your face, the mighty ocean…. Her truth is revealed in this life through a baby being born, a child laughing, a heart breaking, a friend dying. She is the one who beholds you in the midst of adversity and glory. She is the love that never fades away.

Dive deeper into Her, into the wonder of who you are. Embrace your humanity, vulnerability, heal the wounds of lifetimes, delve into your true power and let her emerge from deep within into this world, that more than ever, needs the feminine juice to turn the tide.

Join us for a life-giving retreat, a course, or training.

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She will enliven you, and unite you with other women who are courageously living her way!

Deep Feminine Rising
Courses and Retreats for Women


Leading Like a Woman
Leadership Training for Women


Rising Tide
Mentorship for Young Women Leaders


This one is Special! Mary Magdalene Retreat in France


How to lead like a Woman 

Online Course


Voice of the Feminine
Online Course


NEW! The Way of the Sacred Feminine  

Online Course

Nicola Amadora has been ushering women all over the world into the sacred and their feminine nature for thirty years. She is steeped in her and takes your hand safely through the deeper waters. She guides you to uncover, to liberate, and embody her – as you – and empowers you to make a difference in our world.

“Intimately connected, women birth forth a sacred way of living in our world.”

The event for women was fabulous and once again – pitch perfect. We loved having you and so did the women. The ceremony, teachings and group experience brought the women deeper into themselves and their own divine feminine and more intimate with each other. Nicola’s leadership and group facilitation skills are excellent. With natural grace and ease she guided us to step into the sacred feminine in a way that was grounded, real, and empowering. She made it safe and easy for us to let go of old patterns, to open and experience the sacred, and to deeply connect. Nicola Amadora embodies what she teaches, she truly works magic and creates a feast for the heart. We’re so grateful, thank you Nicola for your beautiful gifts!

Marci Schimoff, Professional Speaker, Author of Happy for no Reason

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