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Meditation Teacher Training

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prayerA spiritual practice is essential on the path of awakening and in this world today.
There is a great need and opening for people from all walks of life arising to find peace,
compassion, love, wisdom and stress reduction. Meditation is a way to realize our own nature and be centered in life no matter what is occurring. Experienced and skilled meditation teachers, who are capable to serve a wide range of people, are needed everywhere.

You will be able to teach in yoga studios, universities, centers, companies, set up your own group and support your friends and family. If you have already been teaching, this training will enhance your skillful means, deepen and strengthen your work. The training is based on profound ancient practices from the major east/west spiritual traditions and teaches from the essence, found in all, which makes it applicable for our contemporary world we live in.The Meditation Teacher training is open to those who have been practicing meditation regularly and wish to benefit others by offering this timeless gift.

This Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training includes:

Basic meditation 101 for teaching beginners classes in any setting

Teaching necessary essentials for home and work

Cooling practices: mindfulness, observing, breath, presence, awareness, body centered

Warming practices: heart opening, devotion, chant, mantra use, metta, awakening of joy

Deepening and advanced practices: surrender, emergence of true nature, centering in being, kundalini awakening, abiding in Truth, meditation in life

Including emotions, mind and body in a simple and easily applicable way

Relaxation and energysation

Prayer and silence

Precepts and ethical living

The middle path: bridging immanence and transcendence

Offering guidance: what to do and what not

Understanding people’s different personalities and paths to support them constructively

How to teach holistically, so people actually learn

How to lead simple, sacred ceremony for any occasion

How to teach specific groups differently, i.e. teenagers, children, elderly, activists, and managers

Receive a certification upon successful completion

How to recognize imbalances and common pitfalls and be able to remedy them.

Strengthen and expand your own meditation into service and life.

candlesNicola Amadora has been practicing daily meditation for over 30 years. She is a certified Meditation and Dharma Teacher. She has trained and studied deeply within the Vipassana, Tibetan, Advaita, Hindu, Christian, Sufi and Mystic traditions and had the good fortune to learn from great and true masters. For many years she has been teaching meditation successfully in centers, companies, yoga studios and at home. Nicola also taught children, terminally ill and various other groups. It is her honor to train meditation teachers in a time, where many are needed as guides, to shine a strong light in this world.

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