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Nothing But Love

Poetry Book
Nothing But Love

Exquisite poetry of a mystic’s experience being burned by Truth and drowned in Love.

Exquisite poetry for the profound journey of love. Words, full of juice and wonder resonate with the essence of life and reach the core of the reader’s heart. With fierce tenderness we are invited into the fire of truth to remember: Just as you are, divinely human, you are the gift dear friend! If you love Hafiz or Rumi, this book serves the wine of love through the beautiful voice of the feminine.

Cost: $15, 120-page softcover book

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Book Excerpt

The feast is here
Come and eat!
How long will it take you
To join us at this holy
Table of Love
Where the wine of God
Intoxicates all of us,
Each sip filled with
Eternity’s gaze and
Creation’s bloodLeave nothing out
Get drunk in your surrender!
For the Beloved
Will have only
The whole Of You!

Nicola’s beautiful poetry is straight from the heart!”~ Barry and Joyce Vissel (authors and teachers)
This book brought tears to my eyes – to be loved simply as we are – what more needs to be said.”~ Laurel Whitacker
Nothing but Love is supremely beautiful, like the feminine voice of Rumi or Hafiz.”~ Naomi Rose (book developer)
I have been reading your fantastic poetry and shared them with my entire family over Christmas. It really helped a lot to set a loving mood!”~ D. Mayer

meditations for life

Meditation CD
Meditations for Life

These exquiste meditations guide gently, yet powerfully into the heart of life. Spoken word and music invite us to connect with deep truth and a fountain of love. Rooted in ancient east-west practices, yet designed for our modern way of living, the meditations support us to make a positive difference in our own life and in the world.

Purchase Meditations for Life: single tracks via iTunes download CD for $10 Bandcamp  Order Jewel Case CD at Amazon for $15

So beautiful! Beautiful message. Beautiful voice. I listen to this every day”

~Bessie, Melbourne, Australia

Single Guided Meditations

Easy to download on iphone, computer or ipad.

You Are Loved

A beautiful Meditation to come home to the truth in your heart and life, accompanied by flute and nature sounds.

Cost: $0.99

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Here Comes the Sun

A guided meditation to experience nourishement, essential goodness and appreciation, accompanied by native american flute.

Cost:$ 0.99

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Landing in Presence

A guided Meditation, which supports you to be present and feel centered, grounded and connected. Accomanied by native american flute and clear, simple guidance. Buy on itunes or amazon.

Cost $0.99

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 What people say about Nicola’s guided Meditations:

~ “Thank you, Nicola. Only once before have I felt such unconditional love and that was also from someone I didn’t know. You truly moved me.” Carrol, Ortonville, MI
~ “So beautiful and moving. The music and words were so very comforting. I really loved the image of leaning back into the arms of love.”Annlee, Tuscon Arizona
~ “Who doesn’t need this? Thank you for this beautiful offering!” Florentina, New Orleans,Illonois
~ “Your meditation is stunning” Eve, Albury, Australia
~ “So soothing and empowering: I am enough and worthy. Very deep and effective. Thank you so much Nicola” Zaabette, Sydney, Newport
~ “This is one of my favorites, I do this one all the time. Beautiful voice, soft music and sounds of nature with such a wonderful message: You are loved. Thank you!” Jenny, Australia
~“Very soothing. I like her voice and I like the music. Her voice is very clear and pleasant. I recommend this meditation” Seth, Los Angeles

Meditation CD
Return to the Heart

Cost $15

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